Village of Figaro

A portion of every Haitian art sale goes to the village parish of Figaro.  Figaro is a small village perched on gently rising hills above a big, eroded river and the large town of Gros Morne, in northwestern Haiti.  It is accessible by various footpaths and one small worn dirt road lined with cactus.  Subsistence farming and employment in Gros Morne sustains its citizens.  Figaro now has a new Episcopal church overlooking the steep valleys leading to Gros Morne and in 2011 they opened a new three room school.  The construction of the new school was achieved through the sale of Haitian paintings.  In addition, we contribute to a school feeding program, children’s school uniforms and the salaries of the three teachers who work in the school. The pictures on this page show a little bit of Figaro and its environs. To view pictures of the schools (old and new) click here.